The Things I Do for Love

“The things I do for love…” – Jaime Lannister

The-Things-I-Do-For-Love-1Bran Stark, intrepid climber is scaling the broken tower at Winterfell. What secrets will he uncover at the top…?

The-Things-I-Do-For-Love-2What’s this? It’s the Kingslayer, Jaime Lannister and his sister the Queen! And he’s not wearing his breetches!

The-Things-I-Do-For-Love-3“He saw us!”

The-Things-I-Do-for-Love-3“The things I do for love…”

The-Things-I-Do-For-Love-4The-Things-I-do-for Love

The minifigs:

The-Things-I-do-for-Love-MinifigsWe’ve talked about Cersei and Bran already. “Rumpled” Jaime Lannister is wearing Han Solo’s shirt (Star Wars 9516), and Harry Potter’s swim suit legs from Rescue from the Merpeople (Harry Potter 4762).

2 thoughts on “The Things I Do for Love

  1. Nice, That scene was funny! The tower if well made from what I see and though I much prefer yellow skinned figs, yours are PERFECT! One again great job!

  2. THAT SCENE WASN`T FUNNY!!!! HATE ALL THE LENNISTERS! (but Tyrion, he´s….ok)
    Poor Bran. Love him!

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