The Catspaw

Robb Stark: What are you doing Mother? You haven’t left this room since Bran was hurt.

Catelyn Stark: I can’t leave him for a moment. I have to be with him if… if…


Robb: Fire! Mother stay here. I’ll come back as soon as the fire’s out.


Catspaw: You weren’t s’posed to be here…





The Minifigs:

Summer and the Catspaw


Summer the direwolf is a Warg (The Hobbit 79002)

The catspaw is holding a valyrian steel dagger (Prince of Persia 7571, 7572). Torso from Kili the dwarf (The Hobbit 79001), head from Dastan (Prince of Persia 20017)

Catelyn Stark

Robb Stark


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  1. I totally love Bran, he´s the cutest of them all (but Rickon?…) I´m so glad, he made it! Love your Minifigs! You should sell it..! I would buy ´em all. (-;

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