The Kingslayer

Jaime Lannister ends the line of the Targaryen kings by killing the mad king Aerys, and is known henceforth as the “Kingslayer” throughout the realm.





Kingsguard Jaime Lannister


Custom hair, sword, and blood splat from Shield is Gryffindor Shield (Harry Potter 4709, 4757), armor from the Lion King (Kingdoms 7946)

Aerys Targaryen


The crown is a painted horns piece from Savage Opress (Star Wars Clone Wars 7957), beard is from Gandalf (Lord of the Rings 9469, 30213).

8 thoughts on “The Kingslayer

  1. saw your post on a topic of ASoIaF and i gotta say i love your scenes!
    GoT and lego are two of my passions too and you manage to mix them up pretty well 🙂

  2. Love your blog! Such a great combination of GoT and Lego! And thank you for posting what parts you used for each piece!

    • Thanks Special K! Also feel free to give constructive feedback and/or opinions on what you’d like to see going forward if you’d like.

  3. I love the work that you’re doing! You made me realize that, theoretically, an entire retelling of ASOIAF could be done via LEGO (which would be really cool. The one side-comment that I’d make is that both Ned Stark and the Hound shouldn’t have dragon symbols on their armor. It just looks a bit odd that those two characters which they most definitely doesn’t go with their respective houses.

    Apart from that, this is great!

      • Aerys’ torso is a Geonosian zombie from Star Wars, with dark red arms swapped in. Of course the beard covers much of the torso so if you are making your own Aerys you can probably choose a generic robe or armor torso.

        I thought the dragon armor that I used for the Hound and Ned could sorta maybe pass for dogs or direwolves… Guess not? Until Lego comes up with something better I’ll just pretend they aren’t dragons.

        Thanks for the comment!

  4. Don’t mean to split hairs but Aerys was stabbed in the back by Jaime not the front 🙂

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