Prisoner in the Snow

“You know nothing Jon Snow”


Ygritte, captured by Jon Snow, makes her move to escape.


Ygritte runs off into the ice and snow and Jon Snow gives chase…


And he walks right into a trap…

“You should have taken me when you had the chance, Jon Snow”


The Minifigs:

Jon Snow

Jon-Snow-MinifigJon Snow

Jon Snow, on a scouting mission with Qorin Halfhand captures a wildling. When he discovers that his prisoner is a girl he is unable to execute her and instead begins to lead her back to his black brothers for interrogation. Will he be able to keep his vows, or will he fall for the charms of Ygritte?

Torso from Count Dooku (Star Wars 7752, 9515), Longclaw is custom Sovereign Sword from BrickForge.



Ygritte is one of the free folk, or Wildlings as the NIght’s Watch calls them. Her hair is “kissed by fire” which is supposed to make her lucky. She is captured by Jon Snow on a scouting mission during the Great Ranging of the Night’s Watch.

Ygritte’s hair is from the Lego Cave Woman (Collectible Minifigures Series 5), her torso/legs are from the Lego Ice Fisherman (Collectible Minifigures Series 5).



Rattleshirt is a fearsome Wildling, known for savagely killing rangers of the Night’s Watch. He is known as the Lord of Bones and wears a helm made from the skull of a giant and a shirt made from the bones of his foes.

Helmet is from Alien Skull Twin (Space Police 3 5973), torso from Lego Viking (Collectible Minifigures Series 4), legs from Slizer (Space Police 3 5974, 5979), cape from Troll Queen (Fantasy Era 7097)



The Wildlings live beyond the wall, occasionally raiding the North for food and supplies. Typically unorganized and spread out, they have recently banded together en masse, under the leadership of Mance Rayder, the King beyond the wall. The Night Watch has gone ranging to find out why the Wildlings have united, and what Mance Rayder’s plan is.

Hood from Malakili (Star Wars 75005), torso from Orc Hunter (The Hobbit 79002), legs from Uruk-Hai (The Lord of the Rings 9471, 9474)

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  1. Great work! I find it immensely entertaining! I have one thing that is driving me crazy – what “head” did you use for Ygritte?

    • Glad you like the site! Ygritte’s head is the smiling/annoyed face from Hermione Granger from Hagrid’s Hut (4738), Hogwart’s castle (4842), and Diagon Alley (10217), or Padme from Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator (7961).

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