The Shadow Strikes



Catelyn Stark unsuccessfully attempts to bring brothers Stannis and Renly Baratheon together to fight against the Lannisters. Afterwards in Renly’s tent, Brienne of Tarth attends to Renly as Catelyn continues her plea.


“A sudden gust of wind flung open the door of the tent. Catelyn thought she glimpsed movement, but when she turned her head, it was only the king’s shadow shifting against the silken walls. She heard Renly begin a jest, his shadow moving, lifting its sword, black on green…”


“Your Gr… NO!” cried Brienne. She threw back her head and screamed, wordless in her anguish.


“Brienne, with me,” Catelyn commanded. “We must be well away before they think to look for us. We were both with the king when he was killed. That will not be forgotten.”


Ser Loras finds the body of his King.


Brienne of Tarth


Brienne the beauty is a warrior maid from the island of Tarth. She is loyal to Renly Baratheon, and as a member of his rainbow guard has pledged her life to protecting her king.

Head from Black Widow (Marvel Superheroes 6869), torso from Elrond (Lord of the Rings polybag)



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